The Security business is a cross-industry segment and can be found as a part of a lot of other businesses. However, as we see it the largest parts of the Security business are presence to make people feel secure, quick responses to trigged alarms togehter with structured and planned patrolling on predetermined routes.

Since the work in the Security business includes both quick responses and planned efforts it is important that the key management system is both fast and possible to structure. This is why EAGLE has a very fast user experience and AXSOR gives all thinkable possibilities for structuring the key management.

Safe Key Management
Time saving
Focus on your core business

3 ways to track the usage of your keys

Alarms and actions are taken care of

It is possible to both setup visiting rounds as well as it is possible to connect specific Objects to specific Alarm codes. This means that it is possible to get alerts when a specific incident is handled or when planned work is not executed. This gives full control.

Keeping track of specific customer's keys

It is possible to register who owns a key when borrowed from a client. This makes it possible to make reports on all usage of specific client’s/caretaker’s keys – creating added value for clients and extending the control even outside your own organization.

Keeping extra track of specific keys

It is possible to setup specific alerts on usage of specific Objects. This means that it is easy to get that extra control when needed. Furthermore, it is possible to get alerts when a specific (or any) Object is not placed at a specific time. You can be safe and secure that every key will be back in time.


What are the benefits with AXSOR and EAGLE?

Today - without AXSOR and EAGLE

Queus are built up when keys should be fetched for todays routes. Searching for keys are tedious and there is no track of who really use what keys.

To get a secure storage it is fundamental that it is as centralized as possible. If a decentralized storage is used it is hard to get an overview of the overall situation and it is time consuming.

You have to perform interviews or be in place at time of execution to be able to know if a key has been used and hence a specific errand has been executed.

Tomorrow - with AXSOR and EAGLE

Every Object has its place and it is possible to get guidance of which keys that should be used. The handling is as fast as it could be – minimizing the downtime for quing. Furthermore, everything is logged when Objects are Withdrawn and Placed – easy to follow-up.

You can choose the storage of interest – in different sizes, with different security levels and placed at different sites. Every unit is connected to AXSOR and it is easy to get a complete overview within a few clicks – this is security and control.

It is possible to get automatic reports showing that Objects are used in an Activity and also that Objects are placed at a specific time. In this way it is only at times when there is a deviation from plan that you need to take actions – AXSOR will make you aware when needed.